Lost and Lonely

If you don’t watch Lost, then you are missing out on what was the most exciting and intriguing new show last season.  Last night was the second episode of the new season.  The season premier last week was everything I expected:  new twists, deeper character development through back-story flashback, some interpersonal tension between the characters.  Last nights episode left me a bit disappointed.  Most of the episode was a retelling of the previous episode from a different perspective.  It was nice to fill in some details but nothing new was revealed.  Only the last 10 minutes provided any new events.  Of course, this was all exacerbated by the previews that claimed "the fate of all the survivors will be revealed."  Well, they are all still alive I guess, but nothing was revealed. Ugh!  I’m still excited about next week though.

Last weekend I got a new Xbox game, Fable.  It is a role-playing game in which you begin as a young boy who becomes a warrior.  You take on quests and each decision and action determines how you look and whether you develop into an evil or good person.  It is quite enjoyable and a little addicting.  In addition to your quests, there are lots of other interactions available between your character and the other characters in the game.  For instance, you can flirt, fall in love, and get married, join a group of thugs, or drop by the pub for a drink.  I decided it would be fun to see what happens when you get married.  I quickly found an interested woman.  My character would finally have a little love in his life.  Then I had buy a wedding ring for her followed by a home.  Finally, she agreed to marry me.  That was when I realized there is a stats page in this game.  The stats page lists everything–how many monsters I killed, my favorite weapon, hours I have played the game, etc.  To my surprise the list gets more explicit–number of marriages, divorces, time to have sex, number of beers consumed, number of time you passed out…Games are getting a little too real. 

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4 Responses to Lost and Lonely

  1. Patrick says:

    I once played Fable for about 2 weeks solid. What I learned was that it was so much easier to be evil. All you had to do was walk around lopping off everyone’s heads and stealing everything possible. Highly addictive RPG.

  2. Mike Godknecht says:

    I was never really into RPG’s until that it I played the original Knights of the Old Republic. Now I can’t seem to get enough to them. One that looks really cool is the new X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocolypse. Right now this game and the new Ultimate Spiderman game are at the top of the list to get next.

  3. Mike Godknecht says:

    Forgive my typos… It’s early and my eyes are still fuzzy. Need more coffee!!!!!

  4. monitorhead says:

    It is easier to be evil in Fable. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to do a “good deed” but nearly anything can be “evil”–stealing, murder, or even just using one of the evil spells like force push. Maybe that says something about the strait and narrow path.

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