Unexpected break

My Thanksgiving break started one day early this week when I decided to take today off moments before leaving for work. We spent the morning taking the kids to the NASA Space Center and the boardwalk at Kemah — complete with sitdown dinner and amusement park rides. It was a great way to spend the day and even more fulfilling since I had planned to go to work today. It was like playing hookey. I really enjoyed spending time with Megan and the boys doing a family fun day, something unusual and frivolous.

The kids are thoroughly tired out from the whole affair and have snuggled down into their beds for a mid afternoon nap. Logan was so tired that he nearly fell asleep while riding the kiddy train in a loop around the boardwalk. Now, it is a very peaceful moment at home preceding what will surely be a boisterous few days over the holiday. This is the first time to have a Thanksgiving meal at our house with more than just the 4 of us. It will be a lot of fun and I know Megan is excited about hosting the event. 


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  1. Janelle Thurman says:

    Wow! Three whole blogs in one month! I don’t check as often so I’m just now seeing this. Sounds like you had great fun with your family! Glad you were able to do this. Treasure time like these because the kids are grown before you know it!

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