Everyone wants to be a Super Hero

Batman animated series imageLast weekend I watched the kids while Megan went to California to work with some friends at a scrapbooking convention. To help manage the time with my boys, I took them to Blockbuster to rent some videos. As usual, they chose Spiderman The Venom Saga cartoon and The Batman Superman Movie. This began a week-long Batman obsession for Connor. First, he watched the movie repeatedly. Next, he wanted to draw numerous pictures of Batman (with dad’s help). Megan fed the passion by buying a Lego Batman toy as a souvenir. The culmination however was the Batman costume we put together yesterday. I’ll post a picture the next time he dresses up.

This all reminded me of being a kid and wearing my Underoos and a pillow case around my neck, transforming myself into Superman. It doesn’t take much imagination to take on the persona of an unstoppable hero with special powers or abilities. It might seem silly to dress up like a fictional character, but the desire to emulate heroes doesn’t go away with age. It’s just that the heroes change. Just think of all those boys and men out there wearing the jersey of their favorite ball player. That is not too far removed from donning a brightly colored T-shirt with a big ‘S’ emblazoned on the chest. After all, everyone wants to be a Super Hero.


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One Response to Everyone wants to be a Super Hero

  1. Caleb says:

    Superman FTW

    When I was little, my parents took Tyler and I to see him at the mall one time! We came away with our very own pair of Clark Kent glasses. With those on… our super powers were invisble to the bad guys…

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