Review- Movielink

 I filled in the required information for a new customer account – email address, new password, first and last name, gender, date of birth, zip code and how I heard about the site.  I also indicated that I did not wish to receive any update emails or newsletters.  Then clicked Register.  The next page had a "Start Download" button which I clicked.  I had to allow the install of the ActiveX control necessary to download content from movielink.  (Note: if you are not using WindowsXP with service pack 2 installed, you won’t need to do this step).  After installing the control, I had to click the "Start Download" button again.  This time I was prompted with a pop-up to install the Movielink Manager software, which I agreed to.

This started a typical softare install window.  I had to accept the license agreement terms, only this was one of those annoying windows that forces you to scroll to the bottom of the agreement text before accepting.  I guess they feel people can not claim to have skipped the terms this way. I scrolled and clicked the only choice which allows you to proceed (Accept).  The install wizard suggested installing to the D:\ partition of my hard drive since it contained more room.  The message text claimed this was necessary since most movie files are between 600-1000MB.  I realized this would mean I don’t get to choose where to intall my movie content.  So, I couldn’t trick the Movielink Manager into downloading the file to a mapped drive on my HTPC.  Anyway, I clicked Next and allowed the software to installed and clicked Finish. 

The movie began to download immediately and was indicated to me by a pop-up over the notification area in the bottom right hand corner of my screen.  Then another window opened instructing me to install updates necessary to watch the video files from Movielink.  These were listed as:

Windows Media Player Runtime Files
Windows Media Player Security

 I had come this far, so I proceeded.

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