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  • I was born in Texas
  • I have played organized soccer since age 7
  • I owned my first computer at age 22
  • My wife married her high school sweetheart (that’s me)
  • I’ve had stitches 3 times, all in my head
  • I have 4 email accounts and typically get 40-50 unwanted emails per day
  • If the refactive index of a material has a different value along each of the two principle axes in which light is passing, the light is retarded in its passage and the material is birefringent.  I use this measurement to characterize materials in my experiments.  Birefringence can be easily measured using two polarizers that are crossed with respect to one another.  If the material between the crossed-polars is not birefringent not light will pass. However, if the material is birefringent light will be rotated with respect to the polarizers and pass through.  The birefringence can be quantified according to this equation:birefringence equation
  • Whenever I see the word "politicking", I read the word "potlicking".
  • This guy knows what I’m talking about.


  • When I was 9 years old, I woke up every morning and delivered 40 newspapers before 6am.  I made up to $50 a week.  My parents taught me a valuable lesson by making me buy my own clothes and other items that normally they would pay for.  I learned the value of money and work at a early age.   In college, I never worked a job during the school year.  I learned the value of friendships and hanging out.