FL w/ DT (part III)

The day after Disney we decided to head for the beaches of the Atlantic in Daytona. It was early summer, so there were not as many people as I expected.

florida05.JPG DT tried his hand at boogie boarding. For some reason we didn’t use much, if any, sunscreen. We paid dearly.

Side Note: DT has his eyes closed. This is a very common occurrence for him during picture taking. And I think Megan has finally figured out a way around this…

At some point we went back to Orlando. We decided to head to Church Street Station for some food and fun. Derek gladly posed for a picture by an antique car…

And I was manhandled by a guy with a funny mustache while I was trying to play with his monkey, as his dwarf friend (himself with cool facial hair) looked on…

There are parts of this trip I am leaving out. Some you wouldn’t believe anyway (see DT’s hook-handed guitar player reference), some you would be embarassed for us (think daisy duke orange shorts), and some that would bore you (we found an Adidas outlet mall).

At some point we headed home. Derek drove from Orlando to Pensecola, and I drove (through the night) from Pensecola to Arlington. I got to sleep for one day, and then I was due to start my first youth ministry internship. So this trip took place in the last days before I met my bride and my current preacher.

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I am a wicked cool childhood friend of DT.
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3 Responses to FL w/ DT (part III)

  1. Janelle Thurman says:

    Derek, I’ve been looking and looking for a place to leave a comment. Since you changed your page I haven’t been able to find it. Today I just sort of lucked into this, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever find it again.

    I enjoyed reading Ryan’s posts on your web. I think I learned more about your trip to Florida today than I did when you took it… not that that is surprising!

    Tell Ryan that you inherited the closed eyes in the picture from me. I am notorious for that! Maybe I should try the sunglasses trick, too!

  2. Janelle Thurman says:

    Loved the guest blogger! Now I finally know something about your trip to Florida..only took ten years.

  3. Caleb says:

    A hook handed guitar player? That takes talent!!

    Thanks for not posting the picture of Derek in daisy duke orange shorts!!! 🙂

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