Review- Movielink

My conclusions on Movielink:

1) I hate restrictive DRM.  This is the main problem I see with download services right now.  I understand the need to license the content and protect it, but it doesn’t make sense for my uses in its current incarnation.  I would gladly pay the $2-4 for these downloads and abide by the limitations so long as it was convenient for me to view the video.  Somewhat to Movielink’s credit, they have several notes about trying to add value to their service in terms of moving your content around between devices.  But, they aren’t there yet.

2) The 24 hour play limitation is not enough time.  I think the standard should be at least 3 days which was how Blockbuster used to handle new releases.  Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.  I understand that most use cases would involve someone watching the video in one sitting. That’s how I do it too; however, if I like the movie enough to watch it a second time, I won’t be doing it inside of 24 hours.  Maybe in the next couple of days.  I think this would be seen as an act of good faith on the part of the content provider, but wouldn’t cost them anything in terms of lost sales.  After all, who would download the same movie two days in a row?

3) I like the concept of feature length movies available over the internet.  This is the next big media arena.  Everyone it trying to get into this market.  If done right, it will produce lots of revenue.  I’m glad that companies like Movielink are developing this market.  I just don’t think Movielink’s implementation is right for me.

now I know.

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